Newgrounds involved in human rights.

2009-04-01 16:54:57 by SpeedyPac

Today Newgrounds changed their site so it could be viewed in China. This is funny to a lot of people, but it makes a verystrong point. This offers the users of Newgrounds a real chance to see how the Chinese government acts over it's people. The people of China are constantly living in a world that is told to them and not the real world . This is a major human rights issue, and Newgrounds is awesome for bringing it up.

I know a lot of users on here are young, and very talented. I hope you guys understand the power we have together. I think we must all work together to make the problems of China come into the light.

Thanks for reading,

Wii Console number?

2007-12-21 23:10:28 by SpeedyPac

What is your Wii Console number?

I am just curious if there are any other gay or lesbian users on Newgrounds? I'd like to view your animations and see if we can put together a group animation. Comment back if you too are gay!

hello hello!

2007-11-11 12:09:04 by SpeedyPac

Alright, it's been a while since I've made a flash movie or game but I have a new and very exciting one on the way. Titled: Gallagher Industries. It's a scary, click through game with lots of hidden surprises. I moved to Montreal, Canada and I'm setting up shop here, starting a new website and everything. I love newgrounds and I'm proud to be a part of it!!!!